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Why Short Let Apartments in London are a Good Idea

If you happen to be travelling on a holiday or business trip to London, what is the usual accommodation option? If you answered hotels, you just may want to go over your options in the past couple of years, the trend of short let apartments has certainly been on the increase by leaps and bounds.

Short term rentals present more benefits as well as conveniences than simply staying at a hotel, and also can you money in the process. This is great news, especially for the corporate traveller, because they can relax much more in such surroundings while getting their work done. So, what’s all the fuss about?


Short let apartments are, usually, two to three times the size of a typical hotel room. This allows ample space for both work and relaxation, and who doesn’t want that? Surely having more room to spread out and walk around, will make even the most hardened travellers feel a lot more at ease.

Comforts of Home

A short let apartment is much more than just a place in which to sleep and clean up. Rather than being limited to a bedroom and suite, you will positively benefit from the comfort of having your own fully furnished kitchen, dining and living areas. Want a break from restaurants and making your own healthy and tasty meals? There you have it. A home from home, where you can settle in and relax, or get some work done in your own quiet surroundings.


In addition to a total price tag that can be a lot cheaper than the average hotel room in a similar location, short let apartments in London deliver extra cost savings should you wish to stay longer. Wi-Fi is also provided free of charge, and there’s also the daily room service which assures you will come home to your flat after a long day out, and have everything looking just perfect.


As the industry has grown, terms and notice periods for renting flats has definitely improved rapidly. Now, many apartment providers allow much greater flexibility and options than their hotel counterparts. Furthermore, as the entire apartment is rented, some changes such as the traveller’s name or even the number of travellers may not affect the booking.


Who doesn’t enjoy a little privacy? No more having to queue in front of a reception desk area and breakfasting in a busy, packed restaurant looking for a table. Short let apartments easily allow you the privacy of your own space – even though at any time of your choosing, you always have the option of inviting friends over should you wish to do so.

Why it makes More Sense than a Hotel

Just by going over the above, you can see why short let apartments have become the trend in not only London, but many other places around the globe. Do yourself a favour right now and check out what more they have to offer, that hotels simply don’t!

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