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How to Buy a Wood Burning Stove

Wood burning stoves have been around for a very long time. Once man discovered fire, it wasn’t long before it became a critical component in daily living. Man lit fires to stay warm, to cook food, and to do a multitude of other things. It didn’t take long to discover that wood was the best catalyst for lighting a fire.

If you want to add a touch of rustic class to your house, you should consider adding a wood burning stove to your place. Wood burning stoves are generally quite popular and are mostly found in older homes. However, there are some basic things that you should know before you buy the stove.

Supply of Clean, Dry Wood

One of the first things that you should consider before buying wood burning stoves in Lincolnshire is if you can get a clean, dry supply of wood. Some of the woods that burn best include red maple, sugar, hickory, beech, hornbeam, and oak wood. Hardwood species are generally the best for burning on any wood fire stove. If you purchase cheaper qualities of wood, it’s going to release a lot of black smoke and the fire won’t be any good either.

Before you think of buying a wood burning stove, it’s important that you set the infrastructure in place. Look for a supplier who offers quality wood at the cheapest rates before making the decision. You need an ample supply of hardwood if you want to use the wood burning stove to the best of its capabilities.

Plan for Wood Storage

If you want to maximise your return on the wood burning stove, you need to think about allocating some space for setting up a wood storage unit. In order to cure, wood needs proper circulation in the room. You need to create a proper shed, without using tarpaulin or plastic as a shade, in order to allow for proper circulation. The shed doesn’t need to be anything fancy, you can easily use salvaged materials, but make sure you set it up properly.

Labour Intensive

There’s a reason why modern stoves are powered by electricity or gas; they require much less hassle. There’s no way around it: wood burning stoves generally require a lot more effort as compared to ordinary ones. You are going to have to do a lot of work in lifting up the wood and placing it under the stove. Even though they require a great deal of effort, you should know that wood burning stoves aren’t exactly cheap either. You are going to have to spend a good amount of money in order to buy the stove.

Apart from buying the stove, you will also need someone to install it in place for you. You can look for quotes from different companies in order to get a better idea about the price. The size of the stove also varies, so choose one that’s appropriate for your cooking needs. These are some things that you should know before buying a wood burning stove.

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