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Need a No-Fuss Way to Sell Your Home Fast – Sound Advice

If you need to sell your home fast, no matter why, you are almost certainly thinking about getting a quote from what have become known as ‘fast home sale’ companies. Many people are using these companies. There are certain circumstances when an owner has days to sell their house. The house might have been inherited and this offers a good, fast solution that is fuss free. However, fast sale offers are lower than the house value. As they say, nothing in life is free. Here’s advice on some of the more important things to look out for when considering a fast house sale option.

What are Fast Home Sale Companies?

These companies have evolved since the historical house market crash of 2007. Many property owners are struggling to meet payments and have little equity in their homes. The house market is not exactly booming and as a result of this fast home sale companies have evolved to meet a growing need.

How Much Will I lose?

Some companies buy your house directly. Quotes can vary quite considerably (from 10% to 50%) so it’s a good idea to get some quotes in from a few online companies. Even if you choose to go elsewhere, this is an easy place to start and give you a reasonable idea of what the numbers are. Other companies find a third-party buyer and these offers can be up to ninety percent of the value.


Keep a close eye on any fees and what they are for. Some cover solicitors’ fees, others no. Some with say they will pay 90% of the current value. The ‘current value’ is open to interpretation. It can be much lower than an estate agents’ price. Because of this, some home owners have been unhappy with the offers they receive. However, if it could stop repossession for example, sell your home fast companies are offering a real solution despite the losses. Ask who will be carrying out the valuation and how they come to an offer price.

What to Watch Out For

Some less scrupulous companies will reduce the offer further at the last minute. Try to find a company with a good track record. Check their reviews and shop around. Some companies can be a lot less than transparent with regards to making any fees payable clear. Some companies will also say it can all be done in a week and there are being a few complaints that this simply is not happening. If time is of the essence make sure they have a proven history.

Legitimate Companies

There are some less than desirable companies around. To ensure you are dealing with a legal and registered company check. That little bit of extra research could save you a lot of money. To get into a contract with a illegitimate company could end up disastrous.

Many different companies online advertising their solution to providing a no-fuss way to sell your house. It depends on your circumstances which one is going to be the best choice for you. Some might offer more but take longer to finalise. Do the research, do the maths and then access which one is really going to be the right solution for you.

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