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Three Warning Signs That You Need a New Roof

Most roofs last anywhere from 20 to 25 years with proper care and maintenance, and most people only recognise a major leak as an indication that a new roof is needed. There are many additional reasons and homeowners should know what to look for when starting to think about installing a new roof.

Top Three Overlooked Signs

A leak is not the only sign that you need a new roof because sometimes a well-made roof does not leak, but needs to be changed for other reasons.

  • If your shingles are starting to curl or lose granules, the roof is past age expectancy and needs to be changed immediately.
  • Knowing the last time your home had a new roof is important because homeowners should change it at a maximum of every 25 years.
  • If your home’s roof valleys are missing shingles, they’ve likely been carried away with rain or snow. This is an indication that the shingle material is compromised.

Even if your roof has not started leaking, any of the aforementioned signs means that you should begin looking for a domestic roofing company.

Domestic Roofing Services

Because the average age of houses in the UK stretches back at least a few decades, domestic roofers in Leeds are often very experienced and professional. Always research for companies willing to give you a competitive price, but don’t skimp on quality, especially if you plan on living in your current home for many years to come. Modern roofing offers shingles that last up to 50 years, rather than the typical 25. If you plan on staying in your home for longer than 25 years, these shingles are a great option. Look for reviews and certifications, as well, and make sure that the roofing experts that you choose have many years of experience in the field.

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