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What Different Jobs Can Scaffolding Be Used For?

Scaffolding is needed when major work has to be done to a building. This will allow builders and roofers to do their work extremely easily and safely. Scaffolding is very diverse, so it can be used for a wide variety of different tasks. Some of these tasks may seem much more obvious than others. The scaffolding should be easy to put up and easy to take down at the end of the project. It also has to be completely secure so that there is absolutely no risk of injury to anyone.

What can scaffold be used for?

Repointing The Brickwork

When the mortar between the bricks of a house is exposed to rain and high winds, it will start to flake away. This can make the walls of the house much less secure and can also mean that water can leak through the gaps in the mortar and into the inside of the house.

The process of putting new mortar in between the bricks is known as repointing. This process requires that sturdy scaffolding is set up outside the house. Builders can then make sure that new mortar is applied between every brick and allowed to set. Once this happens, the walls of the house will be secure and there will be less risk that water is going to seep through into the inside of the house.

Fixing The Roof

Roofers need to be able to climb up to the roof if there are problems such as loose or missing tiles. Climbing on ladders up to the roof is much less secure than having some proper scaffolding erected by a scaffolding company in Glasgow. The scaffolding may need to be fastened to the side of the building for a number of weeks so that the roofers are able to fix every inch of the roof. This is especially true when the entire roof needs replacing because of problems.

Supporting The Inside Of The House

Scaffolding is usually put up on the outside of the building in order to fix a myriad of different issues. However, the scaffolding can also help to provide internal support for the house as well. This is especially useful if a ceiling is on the brink of collapsing, or if one of the supporting walls has started to weaken. Then the inside of the building can be fixed whilst the scaffolding provides the necessary support.

This is an important task and should not be delayed at all, because the entire structure could collapse.

Fixing The Chimney

Older houses can sometimes experience problems with the chimney that they have on the roof. Individual bricks might fall off or the entire chimney might collapse because of high winds or poor-quality material. The chimney can be supported by strong scaffolding whilst the repairs are being carried out.

Scaffolding is extremely diverse and can be used for a wide range of tasks both on the inside and the outside of a building.

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