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Smart Tips for Mobile Home Park Investing

The prospect of the real estate market is booming with investors eyeing opportunities on every level. One of the sub-categories of the real estate sector remains mobile home parks. While this sector is not as high profile or lucrative as commercial high rise market, but it remains a profitable outlet

How have you planned to fund your retirement?

Note the past tense; if you’ve been putting money away all your working life then that, along with the state pension and any workplace pension you may be entitled to, should see you comfortable. But of course when you’re young and single, saving for the future and long-term financial planning aren’t

Investing in Manchester: the city enjoying a property boom

Every day, more and more cranes and imposing scaffolding seem to meet your line of vision as you drive by the streets of Manchester. The property market in this area is booming and these views are just some of the signs of the region’s profitability. While you might think that

Why People Invest In Metro Detroit Traditional Luxury Homes

Metro Detroit traditional luxury homes are not your typical luxury homes that you can find just about anywhere. Their architecture and style is something that houses elsewhere cannot compete with. Being traditional, they offer you a value that is so much more than any other home, including a great amount