How To Determine If The Seller Died Inside The House

While other homeowners do not have the slightest idea as to whether the house they currently own was at some point in time a crime scene, and most of us feel unpleasant or even have the urge to move out of the house if we ever found out on our own. Surely, We have seen enough horror movies to help us imagine all the horrific things that might happen to us or our family members if you stay in a house where a death has occurred.

True, this type of information does not look good when you are looking to buy a house with new construction loans Texas. But it is a piece of information that you should know. So, here are some ways to tell whether the home you currently want to buy has an unpleasant past.

Ask away

While walking through the house with the current seller. The first thing that you should do is test their honesty. You can do this by just asking the seller whether there has been a death in the house or not. Depending on their answer, you should be able to deduce if the seller is trustworthy or if you should get on your way away.

While others get through with this just by employing a trustworthy real estate agent, you can also do it yourself by spending time looking around the internet as well as looking more into the history of the people who lived in the house before you.

House Age

Surely enough when a house is old, you can expect that there has been a death or two in the house. It just depends on how well you can bear with it. Some fall in love with the astonishing architecture an old house has an even would stay even if they come across remains on their walls.

Others would not get any sleep even if the death were of an aged person passing away peacefully.

In the end, it all comes down to how well the buyer is willing to bear knowing this kind of information. It also depends on how gruesome the crime or death might be. Regardless, it’s all up to you if you can live in a house with a questionable past. Then good for you. However, if you associate every sound, you hear at night with ghosts. It might be best to try and look for a house that is new and has a clean slate.

While death in a house can break a deal, it is something that you should look into as well as decide on. Not being able to look into a house’s past might be devastating in the future since you might have a hard time selling it when you decide to as well as the conscience that you might feel buying a house that might be “cursed.”

While other states might consider death in the house as a material fact which should be disclosed to aspiring buyers, this only lasts for about three years.


Smart Tips for Mobile Home Park Investing

The prospect of the real estate market is booming with investors eyeing opportunities on every level. One of the sub-categories of the real estate sector remains mobile home parks. While this sector is not as high profile or lucrative as commercial high rise market, but it remains a profitable outlet for mid-tier investors looking to gauge decent profit margins with their money.

The niche of mobile home park investing is fairly modern. It is like owning a land comprising of amenities including parks, streets, roads, etc. A homeowner occupies a mobile home park on a rental basis and in order to attain the right to make use of the land and other facilities surrounding their actual home.

Andrew Lanoie, a popular name in the private investment market has encouraged many investors to tap the potential lying at the disposal of mobile home park investing. The Founder and CEO of Four Peaks Capital Partners are leading a name known for scooping out investment opportunities in the private investing market like the real estate sector. Andrew cites the prospect of mobile home parks investing in promising words. He shares some handy tips for investors looking to make it in the niche, which is as follows:

  • It’s always a good idea to be sure of the mobile home park – Before throwing your hat in, it’s always advisable to get your facts right about the entire place. Examine the park’s infrastructure, location, and potentials of expansion, the administrative laws, and income history.
  • Areas, where housing is a cheap need to be avoided – Areas having no strong income potential, are going to damage your cash flow because the residential class would most likely be the one that settles for low rates.
  • Gather as much knowledge as you can – Get in touch with homeowners, the local police, store managers around and basically, a handful people in the neighborhood. Gather knowledge about the park from them. They can give you details on the park’s history, residents, infrastructure etc.
  • Stay wary of infrastructure updates – Carry on maintenance right off the bat. Never cause delays because they could lead to bigger problems costing you more. Electrical, sewage, water, gas, anything there is, attend to it.
  • Evaluate the condition – Sometimes it might be cost-effective to rather replace a park than repairing one. Inspect the parks professionally and make a sound decision.
  • Try to accommodate the water costs in your rent – Utilities would be a painful cost sometimes and it is better to figure out how you attach this cost to your rent without increasing it too much. Talk to your tenants, work it out.
  • Do not have many doubts – Let the naysayers speak. The mobile home park sector has proven to be promising in many respects. Do not let anything discourage you. Scan the profiles of your residents before you let them rent out your property. Build trust with them first and do not make a decision in haste.

More and more investors are shifting towards this particular market which signifies the heap of potential it carries in today’s era of private investing.


How have you planned to fund your retirement?

Note the past tense; if you’ve been putting money away all your working life then that, along with the state pension and any workplace pension you may be entitled to, should see you comfortable.

But of course when you’re young and single, saving for the future and long-term financial planning aren’t that high on the agenda. Then you get married and a family comes along, and every penny you earn just seems to disappear.

And then suddenly you realise you’ve got to an age where you’re wistfully wishing you’d been a bit more prudent.

Hundreds of thousands of people are in this very boat nowadays; few of us have worked for the same employer for life, and even fewer enjoy those generous final salary schemes that previous generations took almost for granted.

Are you living in your pension plan?

For many, their home is their biggest asset. They hope that the residential property market will remain relatively stable long enough for them to downsize; hopefully, they’ll have enough left over to cobble together some sort of regular income stream.

Changes to the law mean that some people can make early use of an existing pension scheme and make alternative, perhaps more lucrative, investments.

And many people have some degree of capital which is just lying around in an ISA or a savings account. With today’s lowest-ever interest rates unlikely to improve significantly for a few years yet, this is only a couple of steps up from keeping it under the mattress.

But the question is, as retirement approaches, how to make that capital work without exposing it to unnecessary danger?

Simple – let someone else take all the risks

The British have always liked to invest in residential bricks and mortar, but with the apparently imminent demise of buy-to-let, that particular source of a pretty meagre income today involves all the stress and effort that you would hope to leave behind you on retirement.

But were they to explore the commercial sector, they would find two high-fliers in purpose built student accommodation (PBSA) and serviced apartments.

PBSA has been UK property’s highest yielding asset each year since 2011. Its success is due to the global popularity of the British higher education system. We currently have 2.3 million students at our universities, 30% more than 10 years ago and twice what we had in 1996.

These enormous numbers have caused a residential housing crisis as traditional university halls of residence were never intended to cope with such volumes. So the government has been encouraging private sector involvement for some time now to funnel the students away from family housing – with lucrative results for investors.

Serviced apartments too are performing well, and are now the fastest-growing hospitality sector, overtaking hotel rooms.

Individual units of both these accommodation forms can be owned by individual private investors; they represent an attractive combination of high NET yields and totally hands-off ownership.

It works like this: at purchase, the developer signs a contract which assures the buyer of a fixed NET income annually for a specified time period.

The properties are ideally run by onsite management who take on all operational responsibilities and costs, including repairs, maintenance, replacements, refurbishment, letting and rent collection. The owner has nothing to pay for the fixed income period.

Because the NET income is assured by legal contract for the agreed term, the buyer takes on no risk whatsoever, as the developer has accepted all liability. It’s a high security, effortless investment.

More assured benefits from beginning to end

As commercial property, PBSA and serviced apartments are not liable to Stamp Duty below £150,000, so there’s an immediate saving opportunity. Nor will you pay Capital Gains Tax at resale, which will save you at least 18%, maybe 28%.

And because commercial is assessed solely on its ability to generate high, regular rental income, your property’s track record will stand you in good stead come resale, with the chance to make significant capital growth on a property which will be highly attractive to a new buyer.

But don’t sign any old contract…

NET yields and fixed income terms vary from developer to developer. James Harrington, Business Development Manager at sector specialists Emerging Property offers this advice: “The assured NET yield and fixed income term together determine how appealing a proposition your unit will be at resale – and that’s when you can make the big money. Your consultant should explain it all to you before you commit, but to keep the road ahead as smooth as possible, don’t accept less than 8-10% NET yield. Insist on a 10-year contract, and be absolutely clear that after the purchase price and a one-off legal fee, there won’t be one penny to pay for those 10 years. Retirement is meant to be stress-free, so get it right at the start and you can just sit back and enjoy the best days of your life.”

If you like the sound of a property investment which helps stop you losing sleep about your pension plans, speak to a specialist today.


Investing in Manchester: the city enjoying a property boom

Every day, more and more cranes and imposing scaffolding seem to meet your line of vision as you drive by the streets of Manchester. The property market in this area is booming and these views are just some of the signs of the region’s profitability. While you might think that a regular homeowner or office worker like you will most likely not have the chance to share in the profitability, there is actually still space for the little people amidst all those big developers.

Regardless of your budget, there is a way for you to invest in property and make some extra cash. Manchester is becoming a sought after location so it makes no difference whether the property you wish to rent out is old and run down or brand spanking new. There will be someone out there who will be willing to take the space that you are offering. If you are serious about taking advantage of this great investment opportunity, listed below are two possible property investment options that can help you make money from the local property market boom.

Long Term Rentals

The southern region of the city is the perfect location for houses that are meant for long-term rentals with property developers in Manchester choosing the area as a regeneration focus. There are several reputable schools in the area and the development of the transportation system has made it an extremely accessible and desirable place to live.

As an added incentive for prospective renters, the continuing development and expansion of Manchester Airport has only brought more business and employment opportunities for those living nearby. People would surely flock to the area and choose to make their living there due to the increase in job opportunities, tourism, and investment benefits. After all, those lucky enough to secure a job at the airport will surely look towards the nearby area to find a place where they can stay for long-term.

Nevertheless, there are risks to investing in property for long-term use. It is a big commitment and you will need to spend a large sum before you can reap any profits. You must also be prepared for the times when there will be no tenants who will be willing to rent your house and you will be left to pay for all the bills that come your way.

Short Term Rentals

If you are not willing to take such a large gamble with your investment, then you can try buying and renting out smaller three bedroom properties out for faster and easier yields. For this type of venture, you will have to move a little farther away from the more commercial areas of Manchester and focus on the quiet neighbourhoods such as Denton and Droylsden.

These towns are generally filled with families who have lived there for many generations and have no intentions of moving too far away. Nevertheless, it is still possible to earn a good profit from your rentals despite it being a bit farther from the city centre since the Metrolink network has made these towns highly accessible. There are also several bars, shops, and commuting options that make these areas highly desirable for possible tenants.

In the end, though, every investment comes with its own risks. You should always be prepared to take a few hits and to wade through everything with a great amount of patience. While there are large rental yields, at over 5%, it is still recommended that you conduct your own thorough research to determine whether you are ready to take a gamble and invest in the property market.


Why People Invest In Metro Detroit Traditional Luxury Homes

Metro Detroit traditional luxury homes are not your typical luxury homes that you can find just about anywhere. Their architecture and style is something that houses elsewhere cannot compete with. Being traditional, they offer you a value that is so much more than any other home, including a great amount of comfort and space that many of the other types of houses might not provide. Here are a few reasons why people invest in new homes in the Metro Detroit:

Grand and Spacious

These houses are highly grand and spacious, almost fit for a king! They are not only big from the outside, they are also big from the inside, which means that you can have a lot of room for yourself and your family, and would not be living in a congested manner. This feature is probably a great reason why so many of the people are investing in these homes. Being spacious and grand, they provide the ultimate luxurious lifestyle that many people dream about having.

High Quality

Metro Detroit traditional luxury homes provide great value and will last you a lifetime. Also, whenever you decide to sell this house, you will notice yourself profiting immensely because of the inherent value of these properties. The properties themselves are built in such a way that they look amazing to the eye, and therefore, their appeal becomes even greater.

Built For Families

These homes are ideal for families since they are spacious and built in a manner that gives you a lot of room. Each home provides ample space for families to reside peacefully together and not interfere with each other’s personal space, despite living together. Families will also find that these luxury homes are great if they are raising their children, for they radiate a lot of positive energy and a place for these children to play around.

Provide Warmth and a Comfortable Living

The Metro Detroit traditional luxury homes are amazing because they provide a highly comfortable living and warmth to its residents. Being traditional, you will not feel out of place one bit. In fact, you will become so used to these homes once you move in that you will never ever want to sell off the property or leave to move somewhere else.

Peaceful Living

Being a community that is secluded, these homes provide the ultimate peace and comfort. There will be no neighbors around to bug you. In fact, you will notice that different properties in the Metro District will be at a considerable distance from each other. This means that nobody will ever be in your face, and you can live in a completely peaceful atmosphere knowing that your neighbors will not be any distraction to you or your family whatsoever.

A Great Investment Opportunity

A lot of people are also investing into these properties because they realize how much potential this investment will have for them in the future. Real estate is always a great investment, but the traditional luxury properties such as these are something that people will likely buy and want to buy for years to come.

With so many benefits offered Metro Detroit traditional luxury homes, who would not want to live there? The appeal is definitely great, which is why so many people are already investing into the property. Whether for an investment purpose of for the purpose of actually living in these homes, people have understood why these homes are so great and many of them have already closed the deal and bought the homes that will likely provide ample happiness to them.