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Why Render A House?

Render A House

A carefully made facade proves the building’s quality and undoubtedly distinguishes it from the neighboring buildings. Choosing a render adapted to the conditions of the building’s use, external wall insulation system as well as weather conditions will help the exterior walls to maintain their impeccable condition. What type of render will be the best for your home?

What are the benefits of rendering a house?

A good house render determines the durability of the wall covering. One type of coloured render will make the exterior wall serve its owners for years, while with another the elevation will need renovation months after application. Why is it so? Firstly, it is the careful work of the contractor’s team that counts, starting from the selection of the product, through its preparation, up to the correct coating of the building. And secondly, render has optimum resistance if it is selected according to the type of building and its conditions of use.

When choosing a render, we are guided by the functions they are supposed to perform – what matters is their suitability for the ground and the insulation layer, their vapor-permeability, their protection against dampness (hydrophobic properties), dirt, and bacterial growth, as well as their suitability for the finishing paint.

For example, a detached house close to a water source or in a rainy area will require a render finish that can withstand permanently elevated humidity or even temporary flooding. On the other hand, when facades of dwellings are close to a street, we take into account that they may be contaminated by roadside spray.

Which house rendering should I consider?

Nowadays, thin coat renders are used to cover single or double-layer external walls with thermal performance. We can divide them according to the type of mixture added in the production process, which gives them suitable properties – better adhesion or partial water resistance, thanks to which they can be washed. It is worth remembering that for a wall insulated with wool, only render with high vapor permeability should be selected. Among renders of this category, there are different materials, such as:

Mineral rendered home

Mineral render is the cheapest material available for texturing mineral substrates (concrete; gypsum; plasterboard). Although they have low flexibility and limited colour range, they provide high vapor-permeability and therefore are best suited for solid walls insulated with mineral wool. Such smooth render can also be used with polystyrene external insulation.

Acrylic renders

Due to its high elasticity, acrylic render provides a durable coating with less chance of crumbling. The different colours of acrylic mixtures are highly saturated, which allows the wall to retain its original shade for longer.

Silicone rendered-walls

The addition of silicone render makes the surface layer resistant to water, temperature changes, sunlight, and air pollution, so it doesn’t need frequent renovation. Moreover, in the case of rainfall, they have self-cleaning properties. Unfortunately, silicone renders cost more money than mineral or acrylic plasters.

Silicate renders

This type of house rendering gives very good protection against biological corrosion to buildings near wetlands, which is due to the addition of potassium water glass to its production.

Can render be applied over existing render or exposed brick?

If the house has external or cavity wall insulation, it is not a good idea to remove the render falling, which constitutes the elevation layer in the insulation system. Doing this type of work can damage other layers of the system, especially the reinforcing layer, which in practice determines the durability of the entire insulation. Fortunately, there is another solution, much better, easier, and, above all, less labor-consuming – laying a new render over the existing one.

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