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A Guide to Property Management Software

  • Do you own or are you a managing agent for a property?

If so then you’ll no doubt appreciate the complexities involved in everyday management; from the need to collect rent to drawing up lease agreements and complying with a plethora of legal requirements.

The demands upon your time, even in respect of just one property, can prove quite exhausting.

  • Do you own or manage a hundred, maybe a thousand properties?

Now you are faced with serious management challenges. To keep on top of demands and requirements you and your staff need to be ‘on the ball’, well organised and time efficient.

Overwhelming and burdensome workloads can breed inefficiencies. These inefficiencies no matter how small, will cost you time, money and a whole load of grief.

  • A complex business model necessitates specialist systems of management

There is no doubt that the management of a large number of properties is indeed a complex business. It’s not just about finding tenants and collecting rent.

For starters, there’s a minefield of regulations and legalities to be addressed, anything from planning applications, rights of way through to tax and VAT returns and, critically, profitability analysis.

A property manager needs information at his or her fingertips, time spent searching through archaic filing systems is valuable time wasted and, what’s worse, likely to lead to oversights and costly errors.

Most companies are now computer savvy, with spreadsheet control over their accounting and a variety of other programs designed to help generate efficiency. For many these fragmented systems work just fine.

However, complex property management demands a more cohesive system of control. Professionally designed property management software is an absolute Godsend, guaranteed to make your business more efficient and your life less stressful.

  • What to look for in property management software

The very first step is to establish the credentials of the people who have made the software. They may well have impressive university degrees but do they have practical experience within the property sector. In other words do they know what’s what when it comes to property management!

The software itself should be user-friendly with certain automated systems, such as issuing rent demands, notice of arrears etc. Furthermore the software needs to take account of your specific requirements; so you’ll need a company that is flexible, helpful and professional.

  • Which company should I choose?

You could spend hours online trawling through the options, or better still you could seek personal recommendations.

And here’s one to get the ball rolling … take a peek at the MUS UK website. Here you will find a prime example of an extremely experienced business with high regard within the property market.

A software development company evolved over a number of year to cope with ever changing demand; a company with software developed by chartered surveyors!

What’s more, MUS have a proven track record with a most impressive portfolio covering business and commercial properties to residential lettings, including blocks of flats and so it’s also great block property management software.

MUS set the benchmark of excellence; excellent service, water-tight software and comprehensive ongoing backup.

  • In conclusion

Check out the MUS UK website, consult with knowledgeable staff and be prepared to save an ocean of time and money!

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