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Keeping Your Independence When You Get Older

It is inevitable that as we age, we will become more physically frail. In many cases, these physical frailties lead to falls, which can be very serious for the elderly among us. Though there are many aid services available to assist, no one can be there all of the time. This is especially problematic for elderly people who live on their own in large homes where it is not always easy to get around.

A Question of Independence

Though many people opt to enter retirement homes and assisted living arrangements, it is certainly not uncommon for an elderly person to want to retain their independence and live at home. From their point of view, they have lived their whole life as an independent person, able to make their own decisions, and they see no reason why it should change just because they are older.

In fact, many people who are physically frail go through a period of self-denial where they simply don’t recognise the dangers inherent in being on their own. This is particularly challenging for people who live in a larger home, where simply walking up the stairs can be a serious life and death event. Indeed, falling off or down the stairs due to physical frailties may result in far more than a simple graze or a broken arm!

While it is understandable that many elderly people wish to retain their independence and refrain from going into an assisted living facility, the fact is that there are too many risks. In this context, the good news is that devices to assist physically frail people can be installed in a home.

Dealing with the Stairs

If one wishes to remain in a home with stairs, it may be wiser to have a chair lift installed. Fortunately, there is a chair lift service in Buckinghamshire that understands the need for these devices, and can install them in any type of home.

A professionally installed chair lift allows easy and convenient motorised movement up and down a flight of stairs, either curved or straight. In this sense, it makes movement around the home a lot easier for those people who may be elderly or even physically disabled. Such movement allows them to not only live at home where they are comfortable, but also cuts down the risk of falls or other injuries. Even better, this can all be done while the couple or individual in question retains their self-respect and dignity.

Extra Help at Home

If your parents need some extra assistance at home because they wish to retain their independence for as long as possible, chair lifts are just one excellent solution. In fact, it is very common for many such people to have shower chairs, hoists, and even handles installed in the bathroom to assist them during their ablutions.

There is certainly no shame in asking for extra help when one is elderly and frail. Indeed, it can really help some people to cope with the additional physical risks when living at home, especially in a large home where getting around is not always easy.

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