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The Best ROI Home Improvements

As any business person knows, getting a return on investment (ROI) is always something to work towards, and some home improvements are more likely to increase the property value than others. If you are concerned about how much you invest in your home, and how much of that would be added to the asking price of the property should you ever decide to sell, here are some renovations that will see a significant increase in your property value.

Replacement Windows and Doors

The surface area of a typical house is made up of exterior walls and window and door space, and effectively, more than half of the exterior is made up of glass surfaces, and even more in some homes. Double glazed units will provide you with optimum insulation that will make a difference in both summer and winter. For ROI, UPVC windows and doors will certainly increase the property value considerably, and in some cases, the improvements can make you a profit. If you are looking for window suppliers in Melbourne, or any other city, a simple online search would point you in the right direction.

Extending the Living Space

This will definitely be an improvement that makes you money in the long term, and although it would be expensive, the benefits to adding extra living space are many. An extension could involve a single room, or it might be two storeys, which gives you a much larger living area, and this will be reflected in the value of the property.

A Swimming Pool

The Ultimate addition to any home, a pool will really push those fugues up, and while it isn’t a cheap improvement, when you think of the pleasure it will bring to you and your family, plus the added value, it is hard to say no. This is probably the most expensive improvement you could make, and yet, it will give so many benefits, and if the work is completed to a high standard, this will be the main highlight of the property, and should you ever wish to sell, the house won’t be on the market for very long.

Driveway Renovations

The first thing people will notice when they arrive at your house will be the driveway, and this can also make your living space more attractive. Liquid limestone or concrete solutions are cost-effective and will give you many years of trouble free use, and should you ever decide to move, finding a buyer won’t be difficult. The added value will be noticeable, and the image you create will be one of quality and style.

Texture Coating

This is one way to add value to the home, and with affordable solutions, you will not only see the value increase, it will also protect the structure from the extreme weather conditions. Modern coating can be applied to most surfaces, and with a change of colour, your property will take on a new look.

Home improvements come in many shapes and sizes, but if you are concerned about return of investment, all of the above will be money well spent.

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