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What Are Architectural Drafts

Buildings need to comply with safety standards and they also have to be designed in a way that makes them practical to use.

The responsibility of drawing these drafts falls to an architect. There are various ways in which the drafts can be completed.

Using Plans That Are Drawn By Hand

  • Traditionally, all drafts for buildings and engineering structures were drawn by pencil and ruler because there were no computers available.
  • This can be a slow process, however, it ensures that there is complete accuracy.
  • Often, architects will create a rough draft on paper. Once the rough draft has been completed, it can then be turned into the final version of the blueprint.

Using A Computer Programme

  • In the 21st century, it is more common for architects to perform drafting in Geelong with computer programmes. These programmes allow architects to calculate a variety of different factors. The architect can calculate the force that is going to be exerted on the roof and body of the building through the foundations.
  • The gradient of the roofs can be calculated to an exact degree.
  • The architect can create a fully-three dimensional image that can be rotated in the computer programme. This allows architects to carefully examine the blueprint that they have created. Any mistakes can be corrected in the blink of an eye using the programme.
  • The architect will be able to make the blueprints quickly without having to rely on a pen and paper.
  • Multiple screens can be set up so that several different designs can be compared. Designs can also be superimposed over the top of each other to see how the designs have been changed.

What Happens After The Blueprint Has Been Created?

Once the blueprint has been created it will be inspected before being given the green light. Building work can only start after the correct permit has been granted.

This is not the end of the architect’s job.

How Will The Architect Assist The Builders?

  • The architect will make sure that the builders have an innate understanding of the blueprint.
  • They will allow the builders to raise any issues about the blueprint.
  • The architect will supervise the builders as they are working to check that everything is being followed to the letter.

The Plans Need To Be Extremely Flexible

The blueprints need to be flexible once they have been created. There are some varying factors which cause the blueprint to be changed.

  • The budget of the project may change. If the budget is reduced, the blueprint may have to be scaled back so that fewer materials have to be used.


  • The demands of the client may change. Whilst the client may have been happy with the initial blueprint, they might change their mind and insist that the blueprints have to be changed. The architect should be prepared to change the blueprints so that they fit with the wishes of the client without sacrificing safety.

Article Summary

Blueprints need to be accurate so that a building can be constructed with the correct dimensions.

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