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Ready Mix Concrete Reduces Construction Costs and Time

Project managers on a construction site do not like to be delayed. They also do not want to spend extra money. The idea is to keep to a budget and the timely completion of a project. That is why care is taken in choosing a concrete contractor. It is also why ready mixed concrete (RMC) is a preferred concrete when a project must be completed quickly.

Some of the Advantages of Using RMC

Some of the advantages related to using Essex concrete and mortar ready mixed services include the following:

  • Automated lorries supply concrete and screed in the desired quantities directly to a construction site.
  • The mixes are made in specific quantities; therefore, you know how much is being delivered.
  • Lorries are capable of mixing as much as 1m3 per minute.
  • The process is simple and fast with the capacity per lorry ranging from 1m3 to 8m3.
  • Customers only order the exact amount that they need.

A Customised Application

As you can see, using ready mix concrete makes operating a construction site more streamlined. You do not have this same type of ability if the concrete is not a ready mix. In addition, ready mix concrete is a customised application, which enhances sustainability and longevity.

Therefore, ready mix concrete is frequently recommended when the pace of construction is quicker. Because of proper mixing and improved handling, RMC reduces waste by as much as 10%. A further reduction is realised if admixtures are employed.

RMC uses bulk cement instead of cement that is bagged; therefore, pollution from dust is lowered and more of the cement is saved. As a result, the amount of environmental pollution is also reduced when using this highly popular material.

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