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A Brief Guide for Installing Tiled Floors

Tiled flooring has been around for several decades, and it has become incredibly popular. Millions of houses throughout the UK now have tiled flooring, and their popularity continues to grow with time. If you want to install tiled floors in your house, you will first need to visit a local flooring showroom. However, most people don’t realise that there are several types of tiles, and they are often confused when they go shopping. Here are some important things to consider when buying tiled floors:

  • Tiles are available in several sizes
  • You have an abundance of choice when it comes to colour and patterns
  • You need to decide whether you will install the tiles yourself or hire a company

Tiling services in Kensington and Chelsea are provided by numerous flooring companies. Here is a brief guide to help you install tile flooring at your place.

Select a Design

You should consider visiting several stores in the area in order to select a design for the tiles that you want. It’s important that you choose tiled floors that compare and contrast with the interior décor of your place. You can choose from hundreds of different patterns and designs for your home.


If you want clean and professional work, it’s highly recommended that you call a flooring company to install the tiles for you. Most companies that sell tiled floors also offer installation at discounted prices as well, so you can negotiate a fee with them for installing the tiles.

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