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Get Help with Home Maintenance by Hiring Building Services

As people get older, they have a more difficult time keeping up with their chores. They may not be able to hold tools steady enough to make repairs, they may not be able to see as well as they used to, or many people may not be able to get around as well to make sure their properties are maintained. Fortunately, you can hire carpenters to take care of these maintenance chores.

Repair or Replace Flooring

If there are worn or damaged tiles on the kitchen or bathroom floor, they can easily cause you or someone else to fall. For older people, a fall on a hard floor could mean a broken leg or hip and an extended stay in a rehabilitation hospital. A company providing building services in Southampton can repair or replace the flooring to prevent accidents.

Repair Fascia and Soffits

If you notice the gutters are sagging, then the fascia could be damaged. Over time, exposure to the elements can cause damage to wood soffits and/or fascia to which the gutters are attached. The damage can make the fasteners holding the guttering come loose, causing them to sag and water to pour over them into the foundation. This repair should be an easy one for a maintenance service to do.

A building service can make sure that repairs are done to make your home safer and more secure by fixing problems such as:

  • Loose hand railings
  • Damaged window screens
  • Improperly hanging doors
  • Stuck windows

They can come into your home as needed to make repairs.

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