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Services offered by community association management companies

Association Management Companies

There is tremendous responsibility for homeowners associations. Their job is to uphold the value and integrity of communities as they are led by volunteers who lead active lives and busy schedules. Homeowners associations have a lot of decisions to make and plenty of duties to fulfill. At times, this could turn out to be quite a challenging task. Among the various community association management companies that can help, Worth Ross offers some of the best specialized services for the communities they partner with. Visit for more information and details about this company.

Most community association management companies offer the following services:

Accounting: In addition to tracking and managing the day-to-day expenses, the company reviews and assess the annual budget of the association, provides forecasting and manages the accounting and tax related formalities.

Insurance: Any policies might be reviewed on a yearly basis. The bid is sent to ensure that the association receives the most comprehensive policies at competitive rates.

Communication: The homeowners and board of directors communicate directly with an assigned manager using email, phone or in-person at the clubhouse of the community. The communication is accurate and prompt.

Legal Services: The community association management company can help and assist with any sort of legal issues which might include contract compliance and other legal formalities for properties.

Capital Planning: These companies help and participate in the monitoring and planning of capital projects and evaluate and track the expenditures to ensure the funds are used in the right way.

Customer Service: The community association management company can help in offering various services and in keeping customers happy. They help offer customers the best available experience.

Access to Maintenance: A proactive maintenance of the property is scheduled and completed. In emergency cases, maintenance is instantly provided.

Meetings: A community manager who is licensed operates and attends all association meetings, preparing notices, agendas, minutes, mailings and follow-ups required for the meeting. The goal of the company should be to maintain the community and always provide a ‘new’ look.

Vendors: A community manager who is licensed checks with the respective vendors and maintenance contractors to ensure that the work is completed on time and that the contractor meets the minimum insurance and licensing requirements.

Functions of a community manager: The community manager follows the directions and functions of the community. At the same time, the person does not raise any assessments, approve contracts or budgets, as these things come under the control of the board of directors. Community managers work with the board and other different committees to oversee the work performance of the vendors, contract negotiations, contract management, billing assessments and collections to a certain extent.

Community managers draft budgets for boards and present it either to modify or to approve. They also attend board meetings and other membership meetings of the associations they serve. They provide reports and answers to the questions of board members, if any. They are also tasked to keep up with the finances, financial statements and to present such matters to the boards of directors.

There are many different community association management companies that offer their expertise and specific services. One such company is Worth Ross. This company can help individual communities achieve all their goals and needs to boost development. To know more about Worth Ross and how they can help, visit

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