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How much Money can an Online Estate Agent in Bristol Save

Right at the start, it is worth noting that this is going to be a difficult question to answer. This is because the amount of money that you can save will vary from online estate agent to online estate agent. With one, you may end up saving more than another. This is all down to the type of services that they are using to market your property.

Now, the major benefit of working with an online estate agent such as is the fact that they do not have a physical premises in which they operate. Right away, this shaves off a significant amount of cash from their operating expenses. In many cases, they are going to pass these savings onto their customers. It may not be a lot, but it is going to be something!

You do have to be aware that, other than this, an online estate agent is going to have the same expenses as a normal estate agent. However, generally speaking, an online estate agent will have a lot more experience in the world of the internet. You will be surprised at how many normal estate agents out there are not ‘dab hands’ at using the internet to advertise properties. This is a great shame because this is where the majority of people will start when it comes to finding a new house in Bristol.

An online estate agent will, at the very minimum, need to use sites such as to advertise your property. These are the same sites that ‘normal’ estate agents will be using. This means that not a lot of cash will be saved here as the fees to list are exactly the same. A good online estate agent may have established ties with other online estate agents, however. This means that they will have more places in which they can advertise your property. This, in many cases, may actually lead to a quicker sale! You may not save much on the fees, but you will be getting more money for your property!

Finally, you do have to remember that you need to choose a quality online estate agent. This is one that will be actively marketing your properties. It should go without saying that anybody could, feasibly, become an online estate agent. It is easier to market properties if you have a branch on the High Street. This is because you will have passing trade. People will know the name of your company. Online, without marketing, you are just a nobody. This can make it tough to command top dollar for properties, particularly if you do not push them in the right places. This isn’t good. Sure, you may be saving money on the estate agent fees, but are you really saving anything if, in the long run, you end up getting less for your property? This is why you will want to take the time to find an online estate agent which has proven experience!

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