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Preparing to Move Houses

If you are moving from one house to the next, you need to make sure that you are prepared for the move. If you’re not properly prepared, then the move can take a very long time to get right. A move that takes longer than necessary is one that will cost you more money and give you more headaches. Also, if you have to miss work because of it, this could compound the expenses greatly. To reduce the amount of money and time you spend on your move, you need to get prepared to move.

Discard Pile

First, you need to make a discard pile. That could be an actual physical pile or just a mental list of things that you do not intend to move with you. Before you call an expert in Lewisham removals, you need to begin disposing of the items in your discard pile. You should donate or recycle as much as possible. After clearing out the discard pile well in advance of your move, you should box up as much as possible of your non-essentials.

Non-Essential Pile

The non-essential pile is the group of items that are moving with you, but which you do not use on a day-to-day basis. Since you do not use them on a daily basis, you can actually box them up before you ever more. That will allow you to box as much as possible before your moving day, thereby reducing the amount of work to be done on the moving day.

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