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Making A Home Bathroom More Accessible For Elderly People

As we get older, we will inevitably have plenty of health issues. One of the biggest challenges facing elderly people is simply getting around at home without injuring themselves. In fact. One of the biggest causes of hospitalisation among older people is the result of a trip or a fall. This often happens because they lack mobility, suffer from joint pain and arthritis, and have balance problems. One area of the home where accidents often happen is in the bathroom.

Making the Bathroom Safe Again

Bathrooms can be risky places for anyone with mobility or balance problems. Even stepping into the shower or bath can take great effort for anyone who lacks the motor control and balance that most of us simply take for granted. The good news is that companies that specialise in the best wetroom installations in Plymouth can make any bathroom safer.

The Benefits of a Wetroom

Unlike a regular bathroom, a wetroom is tiled all the way around, including the walls, and is leak-proof. By adding the following features to a modern wetroom or converted bathroom, it can be made safer for elderly people or those with mobility or balance issues:

  • Grab rails at various points in the bathroom to make moving around easier and safer
  • Slip-resistant flooring that is ideal for those who are at greater risk of slipping and falling
  • Step-in baths to make bathing easier for people who struggle to step into a regular bath
  • Floor-level access to all areas, including the shower alcove, so that there are no steps to navigate

Converting an older bathroom into a modern wetroom with plenty of features for helping those with mobility and balance problems is an ideal solution for any elderly person.

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