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There are many benefits to purchasing a vacation home

purchasing a vacation home
  • Vacation like a local. You can experience the place you love by buying a vacation home and become part of its community.
  • Save time packing. All the necessities and comforts you normally bring on vacation – clothing, toiletries and outdoor gear – can be kept at your vacation home. You can take it all with you and get away at a moment’s notice. No suitcase required!
  • Get guaranteed accommodations. You always have a place to stay, even if you’re on a holiday weekend.
  • Expect the unexpected. You will always know what to expect.
  • Invest and then own. Instead of spending thousands and leaving behind only memories, purchasing a vacation home can be an investment in property ownership. There are always changes in housing markets, so the amount of equity you create will depend on where you purchase.
  • Earn potential rental income. You may be able to rent your vacation home out to others to use the money for mortgage or maintenance.
  • Take advantage tax deductions. Mortgage interest paid up to $750,000 on principal mortgage debt can be deducted, along with the value of your vacation home. Other tax advantages include the ability to deduct property taxes as well as interest on home equity loans.
  • Home exchange opportunities are available. You are a prime candidate to participate in home exchange programs if you own a second home in a wonderful vacation spot. You can trade a week of your home for one in another city, and you’ll be able to travel somewhere new.
  • Make family memories. Your vacation home can be passed on to your children.
  • Plan for retirement. Why don’t you retire where you love? You can make your vacation home your primary residence when you retire. However, you can still enjoy it and build equity long before you turn in your badge as an employee.

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