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These 3 Luxury Miami Beach Condos For Sale Will Take your Breath Away

As one of the most wondrous and popular locations on the planet, Miami is a pretty supreme place to live. Offering exceptional living quality and amenities that should never leave you with a free day, living in Miami can be a great experience. However, the main attraction for most is the idea in living within one of the many Miami Beach condos for sale.

Being able to wake up and take in the gorgeous views that Miami’s beaches can create is truly something to behold. If you’ve been interested in moving to Miami, or taking one of the many condos available for purchase in Miami, now is the time to take action.

Need some inspiration about what makes Miami so fun? Then take at these three prime examples of the quality of beach condos in Miami that you can pick up today.

6000 Indian Creek

Delightfully detailed and providing a glass-enclosed piece of heaven, 6000 Indian has various beach condos that you can enjoy here. It’s based in the famous Millionaire’s Row, making it the perfect place to stay if you want to really flaunt your wealth and your status accordingly.

With the tower offering perfect views of everything from the breathtaking skyline to the coastal waterways, experiencing the city from so high up can be a decadent experience. Out of all the various beach condos in Miami, this is one you should definitely look further into.


The kind of place movies are set in. This 48-story condo block is the tallest building at the fantastic Miami Beach. It allows a majestic overview of the city itself, as well as giving you a prime view of North Beach. It’s perfectly placed between the designer boutiques and the world class amenities such as spas, stores, sports venues, rowing clubs, marinas and anything else that you can imagine.

It’s got everything you need to stay fit, refreshed and excited all the time – with a two-story lobby, too, it’s easy to mingle and network in this fantastic Miami Beach condominium.

The Bath Club

Want to enjoy living the high life to the most glamorous of extremes? Then the decadent Bath Club is all that you need. It’s been standing for close a to a century, and in that time it’s housed many people of wealth, status, fame and power. If you want to join their ranks, then staying in one of the various Miami Beach condos for sale within The Bath Club could be your own ticket to Elysium.

With grandiose floor plans and a Mediterranean feel that adds an extra class and style, this is definitely one of the foremost places you should consider investing in.

So, with so many Miami Beach condos on the market, staying upwardly mobile has never been so simple. The choice and the range of budgets Miami Beach can cater to should make it easy for you to find your own little personal spot on the most glamorous location the USA has to offer.

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