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Gas or Electric? Fire or Heat

If there is a noticeable difference between a gas and electric fire, it would be that one has a flame, while the other does not, and if this is important to a person, it would likely sway them towards a gas fire. Admittedly, modern electric fires make a serious attempt to replicate a glowing, burning fire bed, but they do lack the charm and allure of a real flame flickering in the hearth. For some, heat is all that matters, and in that case, an electric fire is probably a better option, as they are easier to install and a little more affordable than their gas counterparts.

Running Costs

When you examine the running costs, it seems that gas comes out on top, especially in the UK, where natural gas is piped throughout the nation. For those who live in the northern part of England, and are searching for gas stoves in Yorkshire, there is an established supplier with the resources to design, build and install the fireplace of your dreams, and with a range of stylish gas fire appliances, your running costs will likely be reduced. It is wise to turn down the central heating in the winter evenings, as the gas fire in the living room generates more than enough heat for the whole family.

The Importance of Installation

Whether you decide on a gas or electric fire, the appliance will be a part of an overall design, which would likely include a bespoke fireplace, therefore, it is vital to source a supplier that focuses on the design and installation. This type of company would have all the necessary resources to complete the job, and with their advice, you can come up with a unique design that incorporates a quality fire appliance. Both gas and electric fires can be dangerous, and any installation must be carried out by qualified technicians, which a specialist company would have, and with a solid warranty on both the appliance and the work, your new living room will be the focal point of the home.

Instant Heat

This is one thing that gas can give you that electricity cannot, and just as with cooking, the ability to finely control the heat at all times is a big plus for gas. This also means you are using less fuel to attain the required temperature with gas, and that saving builds up over a 3-month period.

Natural Flame

There is something about a natural flame burning in the hearth and any attempt to replicate this usually falls short. Gas fires with coal or log fire beds are as close to a wood fire as you can get, and with gas, you are using clean energy, which is also very convenient and affordable. There are choices for fire bed effects, with a log or coal glow, and they even have a loose pebble feature, which really makes for a warm inviting glow on those cold, wintry evenings.

Heat or flame, the benefits are there for all homeowners, and with a wood burning stove, you have yet another fuel choice.

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