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Which floor to choose in a high-rise building? A step-by-step guide

You have so many things to consider when you decide to buy a new apartment, or start hunting for flats in Pune for sale or rent. The location should be convenient for your office or other basic requirements such as school, market, hospitals etc. When you find some suitable project with affordable budget, the next question that arises is the floor to select. Today, many builders are coming up with high-rise buildings as vertical expansion seems more logical than horizontal due to lack of space in cities. One is never sure of the pros and cons of living on top, middle or lower floors and cannot come to a conclusion easily. This article will guide you through the process of selecting floors and will list down all factors to consider.

  • Top floors – Selecting top floors in the high-rise buildings is beneficial as you get lots of natural light and air in your house as compared to the lower floors. Apartments at top floors are also considered safer. Panoramic view available from top floors is something that no other floors can offer. Because of this, people prefer to live on the top floors thus increasing their resale value as well. There are few disadvantages associated with top floor apartments. Lifts are a must and one cannot even think of using stairs for climbing up or coming down in case the lifts stop working. When the lifts are functioning, waiting for them and stopping at various floors below ours is very time-consuming. If we have someone at our home who has a fear of height, it is advisable to not select the top floors. You should consider following important factors while selecting top floor apartments in high-rise buildings. The very first point is to check the material used for fabricating windows. The window frames must be strong and durable enough to sustain itself during the windy weather conditions. Generally, windows are made from the vinyl material and frames are made from metal. Evacuation route in case of emergency like fire or earthquake is another major concern for people choosing top floors for their residence. You must understand the building structure and check all evacuation routes before buying the house.
  • Middle floors – Apartments located at middle floors are considered ideal for residence. These houses are least affected from weather conditions and are convenient. The only trouble faced by these people is the noise – be it heavy traffic on the road or noisy neighborhood. In such case, you can use noise control systems or even tightly closing windows with glass door to reduce the noise levels.
  • Ground floor apartments – Ground floor apartments are the one worst hit from the continuous noise of vehicles coming to and going from the parking lots. The continuous honking and even the conversations can be clearly heard from inside the house. These houses get very limited natural light and air so you might not feel fresh. Mosquitoes and other insects can easily enter through doors or windows.

Only positive factor with ground floor apartments is that they are easier to access and are cooler as compared to other floors.

The price factor –

As we discussed top, middle and ground floors have their own pros and cons. Similarly, they also have different range of pricing. The pricing depends on the locality and other amenities provided by the builder. For example in case Mumbai, a high-rise building with sea view will have high rates for top floors vs. the lower floors.

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