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How to Fill a Skip Properly

If you hire a skip, you want to hire the smallest skip possible that will fit all of your refuse. Skips are more expensive the larger they are; therefore, a smaller skip will save you money. However, if your skip is too small, it will end up costing you a lot more because you’ll need to hire a second one. So, make sure that your skip is of adequate size and make sure that you fill it properly. The way you fill it will affect how much space you consume inside of the skip.

Fill it Properly

When you receive your skip hire in PO15, you need to fill it up with a deliberate plan.

  • Starting with the bottom, put lightweight refuse that can be compressed by heavier items. For example, you’ll want to put branches, leaves, and lightweight furniture on the bottom.
  • Then, you want to put the items that will fit between those cracks. This could be things such as small rubbish. They’ll fill up the space between the first layer of items that you threw away.
  • After those two, you need to put your heavier items. These are things such as appliances, auto parts, and heavy green waste. This waste will compress the other waste. It will smash it down and save space. Also, it will keep the lighter items from flying out when the skip is moved.
  • Lastly, you should put a mattress on top if you need to throw away a mattress.


You need to ask your skip professionals about mattresses. Some of them will allow you to dispose of a single mattress. Others will allow more mattresses but only with prior approval.

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