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Building Surveyors – What Can They Do For You

Purchasing a new property is not a straightforward process. Considering the sheer value of the money involved in the transaction, it is important that you check the building carefully from top to bottom before making your decision. The buyer needs to be very cautious before making their decision. If you buy a building that has not been maintained and is in a severe state of disrepair, it could affect the value of your investment significantly. Some of the things that you need to check in the building include:

  • Signs of disrepair
  • Damp or mould growth
  • The repair work that needs to be done

If you want to secure your investment and make sure that you don’t get taken advantage of, you might want to think about hiring quality building surveyors in Dorking. These guys are professionals and offer numerous services that can help real estate investors. Here are a few of the many services that surveyors provide.

Checking the Building

The surveyors will carefully check the building using specialised tools and look for signs of mould growth or damp in the house. They need to check the building from top to bottom to ensure that there are no signs of mould growth anywhere, as it tends to spread very quickly.

A Comprehensive Report

The building surveyors will also create a comprehensive report highlighting their findings. This report is crucial during the transaction, and can affect the value of the building, depending on the extent of repair work that needs to be done.



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