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Serviced Offices Are The Way Forward

Renting offices in the Sydney area is expensive and renting your standard office means you can’t pay month by month. Many property owners want at least the first month, the last month and a large security deposit before they even consider handing over the keys. Then what happens if things don’t go too well and you want to walk away. You are probably tied into a long term contract costing you additional money that you don’t need to spend. If everything goes well, you still need to buy office furniture, computers and anything else associated with a modern office space.

The Big Picture.

Serviced offices are sometimes not chosen as the best alternative simply because people think that rental fees are higher but you need to look at the big picture and try to think ahead. The serviced office is a pay-as-you-go service which allows you to walk away if things don’t work out and they also provide many benefits you probably couldn’t afford if you had your own personal office.


Most businesses want to rent offices on short-term leases and would like to pay for the services they have used as they go along and at the end of the month. Serviced offices provide this kind of service and freedom where you only pay for what you need. You can use the photocopiers, conference rooms, meeting rooms and even the staff. You can rent the conference rooms on an hourly basis and impress your potential customers.


Finding your market or your niche is essential if you are to be successful. What if you could try your business in a certain area and if that doesn’t seem to be working, then try another area and then another area and so on, until you find the location that is best for you. It’s not cost effective when doing this with a standard office, but with serviced offices in Sydney, it is possible.

No Heavy Lifting.

When the time comes to move to a new office, you have to take everything with you. Your furniture, fixtures and fittings and staff. With a serviced office you don’t have to do any of this. The services are already there and ready to use and you don’t lose time because the moment you step in through the door, the phone and internet are all operational.

Save Money.

Buying your own office equipment is really expensive and hiring staff, even more so. Serviced offices provide you with all the modern state of the art technological equipment you need and also the best fully trained staff. When you do need to hire staff or equipment in a serviced office, the best quality is guaranteed. Spending money on insurance is also an expense you don’t have to worry about as it is included in your rental fee.

So, before going out and renting a traditional office, be sure to take a look at the option of a serviced office space.  You won’t be committing yourself to a long rental agreement and it just may work out a lot cheaper. Look into it today.

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