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Who is available Zakynthos real estate

Not only a person who obtained a residence permit, but also any foreign citizen (both resident and not permanently resident in the country), can buy Zakynthos real estate. To choose a house on the island, you can go on an orientation tour on our website, where you will be told in detail about the objects of interest. You can buy houses of various types – from economy class to luxury apartments on the seashore in real estate agency Greece. In any case, this is a comfortable accommodation combined with the beauties of the local nature. Buying Zakynthos real estate, you become the owner of excellent European housing with excellent conditions for recreation almost throughout the year.

Beautiful climate of the island

The climate in Zakynthos is one of the most beneficial to human health (mild Mediterranean). Precipitation in the form of rainfalls in the period from November to January, and cloudless sunny weather persists in the remaining months of the year. The average annual temperature is + 19 ° C, in winter the air temperature does not fall below + 12 ° C. The average temperature in summer is + 26 ° C. In spring, in May, in Zakynthos the weather is also warm, on many beaches you can already swim. Another feature of the weather in Zakynthos is the almost complete absence of changes in atmospheric pressure, which allows meteodependent people not to experience any inconvenience by resting on the island. It is worth noting that the prices for Zakynthos real estate are among the lowest in the market.

Famous island resort

Lively and very popular resort in Zakynthos – Laganas. The length of the beach is 5 km, and the soft golden sand of Laganas is another favorite place for the Caretta Caretta turtles. Water sports here are limited, as on the beach of Gerakas. You can enjoy cozy beach restaurants, small cafes or noisy bars. All possible amenities and entertainment can be found just a few minutes away.

Quite an interesting holiday destination – Ksigia beach, located twenty kilometers from the city of Zakynthos. The popularity of the beach brought an underwater source, thanks to which in this place a characteristic smell is felt. Covering the beach – pebbles. A few kilometers from Zakif there is the Tsilivi resort, where many nightclubs, bars, taverns, restaurants and all kinds of entertainments await tourists. Sandy beaches of Tsilivi are surrounded on the perimeter by vineyards and olive groves. Water sports are popular here, for example windsurfing or water skiing.

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