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What to Look For In an Estate Agent

Estate Agent

These tips on what to look for in an estate agent can help you have a positive experience, whether selling or buying.

The Agent Works For You!

Never feel pressured into an accepting an offer that you don’t really like; remember it’s your decision. The agent won’t receive their commission if your property doesn’t sell, but that should not influence what you do.

Multiple or Sole Agent?

Your property can be handled by any agent that you choose to work with if you opt to go with a multiple agency agreement.

Create a Shortlist

Choosing the right estate agent is a lot easier when you narrow down your potential agents to three or four. Once that is done, ask them to value your property.

Personal Recommendations Always Help

How fast a property is sold and whether it sold for close to the asking price are two factors that are important when considering what to look for in an estate agent. Ask a potential agent about their standard commission rate and their other conditions, and make sure they actually have experience of selling properties similar to yours.

Don’t Let the Valuations Mislead You

Look for verification of local properties that sold at their valuation price. You don’t want your estate agent to play a common game of giving you an inflated and inaccurate valuation and then later trying to persuade you to lower the asking price.

What’s An Agent’s Percentage Fee?

Your goal should be to get a fee of one percent plus VAT after negotiations. The typical fee charged by estate agents is between 0.75 and 3.0 percent of the property price.

How Will Your Estate Agent Market Your Property?

Firstly, ask your agent if they charge a separate fee for marketing your property. Regardless, it’s important to have your home marketed as effectively as possible, to ensure the fastest sale. And that means featuring it online and in leading newspapers and magazines.

Terms and Conditions

Sole selling rights means that even if you find a buyer for your house, your estate agent still needs to be paid. Adopting this approach only for a limited time is recommended; that way if you just aren’t satisfied with what your agent is doing for you, you have the flexibility to go with someone else.

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