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How To Make Your Office Look More Professional

Sometimes the daily grind of the 9 to 5 can be obnoxiously overwhelming.  Someone needs a memo by lunch, meeting have to be prepped, and the reports for accounting haven’t even been started yet.  It’s easy to let panic spread and work at a frantic pace, which can lead to overlooking small details.  This can make for an office environment that not only feels unprofessional, but looks it too.  However, having a professional looking office doesn’t have to be an added unnecessary stress to your day and can even boost focused productivity.  Here are some simple ways the pros make sure their offices are the best on the block.

Wall Decor

The interior of your workspace should not only reflect you, but your company as well.  Adding personal photos that resonate with you shows others that you’re personable, which will make coworkers and clients more apt to talk to you rather than at you.  If your company is rebranding, try creating some customized logo wall decals of your new logo, mascot, or motto (or a combination of the three) to give walls a modern professional upgrade.

Calendar Updates

Agenda’s can be clunky, fill up quickly and be misplaced easily.  While chalkboard painted areas seem to be the latest in functional decor, they can be messy and sometimes more hassle than they’re worth (especially if your office is poorly ventilated).  For a modern way to organize your month, set up dry erase decals with an adhesive backing directly onto your wall.  Having a dry erase wall not only gives office spaces a contemporary and personal touch, it’s also an effective way to remain focused on tasks at hand and aid with time management.


Lighting is of course an essential part in being productive.  However, dated light fixtures can make spaces look disconnected and more disorganized than they perhaps are.  Installing incredibly modern light fixtures can make your office more properly lit and also create a sense of cohesion in the workplace.  Modern lighting is also an easy way to add artistic flair to spaces without overcrowding them with artwork.

Cover Cables

In every office there’s always that one power bar that’s home to a jungle of tangled cords leading to who knows how many different devices and machines.  This can be a real aesthetic deterrent as it communicates to others that you’re unorganized and also neglectful.  Plus if your devices are facing you, that means your uncontrolled mess of cables is facing your clients.  A simple things like cord clips to at least organize which cable is plugged into which device, or an organizer box with a lid and hole cut in one side to store and hide power bars make offices instantly more tidy and will also help you avoid accidentally unplugging important equipment.

Get Colourful

Like most functional spaces, offices can sometimes get a little drab.  It’s important to use calm neutral tones in work settings that appeal to everyone and not look too garish, but you don’t want your workspace to look boring either.  Painting an accent wall, bringing in flowers or foliage, or even matching colourful seating are smart and subtle ways to bring in pops of colour to your environment, especially if those colours are the same ones used in your corporate branding.

Mirror Magic

Whether your office is a huge open concept operation or you’re operating out of a home office, no one likes to feel cramped.  A simple and time-tested approach is to add a large tasteful wall mirror to your (now organized) office.  Mirrors add depth and create the sense that spaces are much larger than they actually are.  Making others and yourself feel at ease in your workplace is a tact that projects you take yourself and your work very professionally.

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