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Secrets to sell your house in a month at the best price

Sell Your House

If you search the internet, you will find many tips on how to prepare your home to show it: where to place the furniture, the best way to light a room or how to create a reading corner in a rare corner.

Do not forget the cabinets.

If you order putting things in the cupboards, it is that you have not understood correctly: the buyers are going to examine until the last corner.

How many times have we opened doors and have things fallen?” Said Small. Believe of your storage space areas as little rooms in your home and order them too. There is Some of the unique methods for fast house sale available.

Look at it from outside.

First impressions are everything, so look critically at your home from the outside.

Spotless, clean, clean

Your home may be a modest dream, but if there is a coating of dust, potential buyer will notice. “The house must be immaculate,” said Small.

Use your nose

Works,” Once you have ordered and cleaned, it smells. Does your house smell good? A awful stink will discourage the purchaser although the house is stunning.

Get rid of pet odors and add appealing scents: bake, light candles or leave out a freshly made cake. “The old cliché of cooking bread or buying flowers

Control your expenses

Be careful and do not spend too much. You may not get the renewal costs if you spend on things that buyers in your area do not want.

Put an appropriate price. What you paid for your house when you bought it is irrelevant. The market may have changed since then, along with the value of your property.

If you put a very high price on it, you will keep the “For sale” sign for months. “Many times we see homeowners overvalue their homes,” said Mark Hayward, managing director of the National Association of Realtors in the UK.


The last thing that many visitors want to see is the current owner.


“Being too attentive to buyers can discourage them instantly,” Hayward said. “Let the agent show them the property, they are the professionals.”

Keep up the pace

“The longer a property is in the market, the more it costs the owners to keep it in the best conditions,” said Small.

Even if you have shown the house 100 times, keep making the beds, cleaning the sinks and toilets before the visitors arrive. Maybe that 101 visit is the good one.

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