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Everything You Need To Know About Home Staging

Home staging is a term used to describe the preparation by or under which a private residence of any kind goes in order to best prepare it for sale via the real estate market.

There are numerous means of effectively home staging a residence which when combined are proven to maximise a residence’s probability of not only being sold as quickly as possible but as well of meeting the desired asking price, or close to it.

Hence, home staging should never be approached haphazardly or in a lacklustre fashion – at least not if you are looking to sell a property quickly and for it to reach its utmost potential on the retail market.

Then, here is a quick guide that aims to cover everything you need to know about home staging.

The Real Worth and Benefits of Introducing Fresh Flowers into Your Home

Fresh flowers are a super inexpensive hack that won’t just sway buyers who are viewing your property and fill your home with vibrancy as well as purify the air and remove unwanted smells; ahead of opening up your home or property, by purchasing high quality bouquets such as those provided via expert and innovative florists Flowercard, you can create truly phenomenal ‘profile pictures’ that in turn significantly increase your probability of enticing potential buyers through the door.

Be Cut Throat When It Comes to Clutter

Clutter is just about the biggest no-no when it comes to home staging. Suffice to say, you cannot stage a room that is full off bits, bats, odds, bods and sods. In fact, you cannot stage any space which is packed with anything; the whole premise behind home staging is to create the idea of space, ambience and interest. And no potential buyer is interested in your three or thirty year hoard of ornaments, antique furniture or teddy collection. Therefore, get rid.

If you cannot bear to part with your clutter, don’t. Instead and ahead of opening up your home or property to would-be buyers, simply move your clutter and the belongings you do not use daily and will not miss into a storage facility. Safestore operate self storage facilities of just about every size nationwide in the UK. Hence there is never an excuse to show a cluttered property and even if there was, excuses will not wash with potential buyers who are looking to fall in love, not enter a museum of curios and clutter.

Group Furniture to Give the Impression of Space and Flow

The majority of home owners make one major mistake when placing furniture, especially in communal spaces such as living rooms, that drives designers crazy but rarely causes major issues until that is a home owner is looking to sell their property. This mistake, quite simply, is that most of us push furniture up against the walls.

In any and every room and home in which there is sufficient space in which to group furniture and use it to create a hub or focus within a space this is by far the best means of giving the impression of space, creating flow and focus and as well best showcasing the actual size and scope of a room or space.

Repurpose Repository Rooms

Speaking of furniture, if you are a home owner who happens to have a room brimful with repository furniture and are looking to sell up, now is the time to empty it.

Reiterated, do not wait until you have sold your home in order to clear a spare room, unused office space or box room. After all, if you cannot think of a reasonable use for a room, why expect a viewer to?

Let There Be Light

Whatever the season, month or time of day a viewer comes knocking, ensure all the lights are on. This will illuminate every room of a home and as well prevent potential buyers from focussing on dark hallways or dull rooms without having to actually redecorate or go to the cost of knocking a new or bigger window through.

Of course, it will matter what and which bulbs you opt to use. Then, to save a ton on home improvements ahead of opening your home or property up to viewers, give the guide: Stage Your House in the Right Light featured on the Realtor website a read through.

Why Neutral Schemes Always Sell Best

Whatever your style – scrap it. Or at least save it for wherever it is you plan to move to next.

Would-be home owners are looking to view properties in which they can put their own stamp on and make their own. Hence, neutral schemes always work best.

As well as creating a blank yet by no means stark canvas which permits viewers to envisage their own belongings, furniture and style, neutral schemes also add warmth, texture and ooze cosiness which on a psychological level makes those entering a room or space feel at ease and relaxed.

Colour Accent to Add Interest

It is a no brainer that a few choice home furnishings will cost a fraction of redecorating. Yet far too few would-be sellers realise that by colour accenting a space (especially a neutral space) they can increase their probability of not only getting a speedy sale but of reaching their asking price.

You heard right; a few brightly coloured scatter cushions, offset with corresponding candles and carefully picked out picture frames, ornaments or rug can all combine to create a vibrant, airy and inviting space which viewers will instantly fall in love with.

Then, for a 101 lesson in how to properly use these inexpensive additions and as well colour to improve your chances of selling up and doing so swiftly, refer to the School of Decorating website feature: How to Create Your Decorating Accent Color Palette.

Use Wall Art to Your Advantage

It is a common mistake to hang pictures, art and photographs all at eye level. This hems a room in and draws focus to walls, which in turn makes those entering a room feel as though they are boxed in.

Then, to avoid doing any room (however big or small) a disservice by hanging pictures and wall art which shrink rather than open up a space, aim to offset art and at all costs avoid placing art on all four walls. Whilst accent walls created using garish wallpapers are no longer fashionable (thankfully), accent walls created by carefully picking out art to realise a gallery wall is an ideal means of adding focus or drawing the eye to the pros of a room whilst distracting from any potential negatives.

To learn how to home stage the perfect gallery wall feature, give the House Beautiful interior design website slideshow: 18 Designer Gallery Walls to Spark Your creativity a flip through.

More Home Staging Advice, Tips, Tricks and Information

For more advice, tips tricks and means of enticing would-be buyers and turning interest into actual offers on your home or property, continue your reading and research via the Home website article: Phil Spencer’s Selling Tips. Phil Spencer is a TV real estate professional and personality who also happens to be an expert when it comes to preparing and home staging properties in order to not only sell properties but as well drum up the maximum amount of interest, ensuring consequently that you receive offers that are within range of your ideal selling price.

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