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Augmenting Your Property with Glass Balustrades – What You Need to Know

Although balustrades have long been simple railings used to create barriers, it’s worth noting that recent advancements in manufacturing have helped transform these once-meagre fencing systems into fully customisable fixtures that can bolster the aesthetic qualities of any type of property. From stainless steel and wood to polyurethane and stone, today’s balustrades come in many different types, styles, and finishes. However, it’s important to point out that the glass-based construct has been gaining a lot of steam in the home improvement market as of late.

So if you happen to be interested in learning more about glass balustrades in particular, keep reading through this brief exposé to uncover the benefits of installing these railing systems in and around your property.


When undertaking any type of home improvement project, you’ll want to highlight the concept of versatility right from the beginning since every property features a different aura, thematic outlay, and flow throughout the structure. Fortunately, glass balustrades are adaptable to any type of décor setup:

  • Primary Material: From tempered glass and safety glass to structural glass and even laminated variants, you’ll be able to select from a wide range of viable constructs, one of which will surely fit in with your current décor scheme.
  • Framing Choice: Fully framed and frameless balustrades are the most popular models, but semi-frameless variations are becoming quite prevalent as well.
  • Design: After selecting your base construct and framing preference, you’ll also be able to choose the specific design scheme of the functional glass plates. In this regard, you can pick between textured, curved, or opaque balustrades to affect the perfect décor theme.

As you might imagine, you’ll be able to mix and match various features on the way to building the perfect balustrade for your property, but if you plan on enacting the installation as a DIY project, you’ll have to equip yourself with the proper tools, equipment, and glass balustrade fixings ahead of time.

The DIY Components You’ll Need

As you prepare the designated area for the installation, you should create a checklist of the necessary components and apparatuses to help you stay organised. Shown below are the basic fixings you’ll need to successfully implement balustrades and railings around your property:

  • Glass fence spigots
  • Handrail brackets
  • Hinges and latches (if you plan on installing a gate)
  • Glass clamps
  • Fasteners
  • Standoff brackets
  • Glass cleaning supplies and protective polishes

If you’d like to save some money when it comes time to purchase these items, you should seek out a reputable online distributor from the beginning, ideally one that carries balustrade systems, shade sail fittings, wire ropes, handrails, and general hardware. In this regard, it’s worth noting that the best-rated suppliers have been in the business for upwards of a decade and they usually maintain a selection of over 2,500 products, not to mention the fact that they also offer free ground shipping, minimum order discounts, and exclusive memberships as well.

After you finish creating a shortlist of the most renowned suppliers, be sure to cross-reference their pricing lists and special offers before placing an order.

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