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4 Easy and Actionable Real Estate

In order to maximize success in the world of real estate, you need to do your homework. People that are successful real estate agents do not just live off of a lucky streak or rest on the laurels of past successes. They have to put in a considerable amount of effort before reaping the benefits. Also take into account that private mortgage lenders can be an invaluable asset. If you are are in the Miami real estate market, you need to evulate the credibility of private mortgage lenders in Miami. Lenders can help, but it is important to also have tangible practices that you can take towards launching a successful venture into the world of real estate.

  1. Neighborhood Surveys

Never underestimate the importance of a thorough neighborhood survey. These surveys need to be crafted so that they do more than conjure impersonal yes and no answers from prospective clients. You need a bit more tangible data. It is wise to ask some of the following questions:

  • 1.How long have they lived the neighborhood? This will help put other questions in context.
  • 2. Have they noted that they neighborhood underwent any kinds of changes? What do they believe is the strongest draw to this neighborhood?
  • 3.Do they have school age children or did they raise children in this neighborhood? Are they aware of the state of the schools that this neighborhood feeds into?
  • 4. What are challenges or weaknesses that this neighborhood faces? It is important to get an honest and well-rounded assessment. In spite of the weaknesses would they still endorse this neighborhood to others?
  • 5. What kind of support are they looking for from a real estate agent?

After having a prospective client fill out the survey, you will be able to tell what needs are important to them. You can highlight how you can help them meet these needs.

  1. Address the FSBOs

Many people think they can sell their house without an agent and soon into the process realize that they need help. If you can prove that you could work in the seller’s best interest and add considerable value to the property, you may be able to change an FSBO listing into a home that you are listing.

  1. Local Businesses Are Essential Contacts

If you have ever tried cold calling residents, you know that you are more likely to reach people during the weekends, but it can take a while to find a prospect. Plenty of people are on “Do Not Call Lists” and will be irritated that they are receiving a call. This is why turning to local businesses can be a smart option. Local businesses are not included in “Do Not Call Lists.” Try to get the business owner to complete the survey.

  1. Network

Any real estate agent will tell you that networking opportunities are essential to success. A paid networking group can be a better option, because typically these people are a bit more successful than those people that frequent the free networking groups. Try to find a networking group that does not already have a real estate agent in order to make the most impact.

By following these steps, you will increase your opportunities for success as a real estate agent. If you need a bit of capital to get started, turn to professionals that understand the unique opportunities and complexities that are inherent in real estate development. Private mortgage lenders can help to jump start your path to success.

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