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Relocating your Business? A Guide to a Smooth Transition

There comes a time in every entrepreneur’s life when the company they have painstakingly created has reached the point where it needs more physical space. Whether an office, machine shop, or warehouse, when expansion arrives, it is time to look for a larger premises, and with that in mind, here are some important things to bear in mind when planning a business relocation.

  • Allow Adequate Time – Relocating the entire operation will require some serious planning, and while some business owners like to enlist the help of the staff, this really isn’t a good idea, as it takes them away from their assigned tasks, and just because you are relocating, this should not compromise your client service or internal efficiency. As soon as you realise a move must happen sooner rather than later, select a preferred region and get in touch with a commercial property broker and armed with a long list of your requirements and a budget, he will source the best properties available.
  • Legal Assistance – Once a suitable venue is located, you should inform your lawyer, who can go over the rental or purchase agreement on your behalf, and it is worth spending some time with this, as a mistake later could be costly. Your lawyer can ensure that any future expansions will not be in conflict with the lease, and that the terms and conditions are fair. With everything agreed, the next step is to find a good removal company.
  • Sourcing a Removalist – The Internet can help you with this, and if you type “Bondi Removals” into a search engine window, a list of potential contractors will miraculously appear. Ideally, the removalist would be very experienced with commercial relocations and would therefore have the right vehicles, equipment and staff to handle the project. If your operation involves heavy machinery, relocating will be tricky, but there are contractors who relocate large organisations and they are the people to talk to if you have a lot of equipment to go.
  • Zero Downtime – It is oh so easy to get so wrapped up in the relocation project that you forget about the business, and with all of your IT hardware being moved to the new office, what about your website? No business can afford even a few minuted of downtime, and therefore, you need to ensure that the web host servers are configured to the new LAN you have installed in the new premises. Some removalists have the know how to wire up IT systems, which would save you having to call in yet another contractor, and once all of your IT hardware is in place, plug in the workstations and away you go. A move should not mean your business is affected in any way, and with your staff focused on what they usually do, the removal team will handle everything.

The key to a smooth and uneventful business relocation lies with your choice of removalist, and it is hoped that the above information will help you to plan the move and your company can continue to grow.


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