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Benefits of Adding a Boat House to your Dock

Boat owners know that the number one priority when it comes to owning a boat is to protect it, regardless if its on the water or off. If you want to enjoy your boat for many years, it’s essential you take care of it.

One way of doing is that is by adding a boat house to your dock. It’s great to have a boat house simply because it’s a convenient way to protect your investment from the harsh elements. Aside from protecting your boat from the harmful UV rays of the sun, a boat house will also keep your boat safe from snow, hail, heavy wind, and ice in the winter.

Enhanced Security

A boat owner will always feel secure with a private dock. But with a boat house, ownership security gets even better. To be able to store your boat in a dock with a boat house means you’re essentially protecting it from vandalism or theft. Your boat house can also be installed with security cameras so you can monitor your boat 24/7.

No Storage Fees

Having a boat house means you get to eliminate storage fees and availability issues. Boat owners without private docks often have to shell out fees to store their boats, and over time, these costs can add up to the high cost of owning a boat. With a boat house, you don’t have to spend money for storage fees and save money in the long run.

Entertainment and Convenient Options

A dock can feature entertainment options to increase its value. Aside from having a boat house, you can also consider adding decking, lighting, and boatlifts. Additionally, a sheltered dock can be used as an entertainment area for your family and friends to gather.

A boat house with a boat lift will also increase the value of your property. Your boat house can be retrofitted using custom welded side mounting brackets so that it can accommodate your boat and lift it off the water when not in use.

Convenient Access

While considering adding a boat house on your dock, be sure to also keep your friends and family that also own boats. Make sure that your boat house is accessible regardless of the type of water vessel is being used. You can also customize it to your liking and add locks, gates, and other safety features to keep your dock and boat house secure.

Personalized Design

Assuming you already got your dock fully customized, make sure the design of your boat house is personalized too. It should complement the surroundings and your dock’s existing features, so choose the materials carefully whether you own a stationary dock or a floating dock.

The shoreline and water depth will affect how your boat house functions, so make sure to work with a reputable waterfront contractor to build something that’s durable and secure. Typically, companies that offer boat house installation services already have designs, but you can always suggest what you prefer as long as it’s within safety limits.

You will need to acquire permits to get your boat house approved, so you don’t really have hundreds of options. However, you can consider adding a dock surface to your boat house or add an extension to your existing dock, and choose between open-style designs or traditional ones.

It’s worth noting that not every waterfront can accommodate a boat house. If yours can, it will improve the look and value of your property. If you’re planning on adding a boat house, consider your options first and only work with a company that engineers high-quality structures to house your water vessel.

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