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Questions To Ask From Estate Agents When Listing Your Apartment

Planning to sell off your apartment? No matter what your motive is, the journey between making your mind clear with the idea of listing your property for sale and accepting the token money is overwhelming. You got to take care of a number of things, but importantly choosing one of the most reliable estate agents Leyton to help you get the right worth for your residential property. This is a significant decision, when selling off your property, as your one mistake may prove to be costly, as you might end up losing on a big deal. Here, in this post, we will have highlighted four questions you must ask from your estate agent. Let’s take a tour:

  1. What Your Commission Or Fees?

The first thing you need to inquire from your prospective property advisor is their commission fees. Usually, the percentage fees for estate agents from the seller’s end is somewhere between the 0.5% to 3% of the selling price of the property or the agreed price at the time of inking the sale deed contract form. Ideally, it is recommended to select an estate agent asking for 1% of the property contract, along with the VAT. So, be straight to ask about the commission, this will you save yourself from latter confrontations.

  1. How Will You Market My Property?

This is another important to inquire from your potential agent is their means of marketing your resale property. Like, a majority of agents go with the conventional method of making your property find the right buyer, which is via their social connections in the market, while, some agents nowadays are entrusting the digital world to sell property faster. Certain property specialists also have a dedicated website to better market their client’s property. Here, the top real estate agency has special packages, based on how they  market your residential property.

  1. How Many Sales Did You Make Last Year?

While, it is as a matter of truth that a real estate agent’s past performance doesn’t ensure instant success, but the odds are high he or she will. Their track record of success will give you insurance that your estate agent has the market knowledge and experience to help you lock the best deal.  Also, inquire about the price range under which they have previously sold the apartments in your vicinity.

  1. Do You Specialise In Your Local Market?

Another crucial question to ask when hiring one of the most reliable estate agents Leyton is whether they have previous experience in selling an apartment in your region. Having a local agent will severe a big advantage, they know the latest developments in your area to convince your potential sale to pay you higher than the market value.

Apart from these questions, there are several other things to take into account. Some of these are, How do you arrive at your listing price? What is your sales procedure? What should I do to get my home ready for resale? How will we communicate? and much more.

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