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Hyderabad real estate statistics & trends

Real estate is generally used to refer to an asset or property which would generally consist of land or buildings or both in the collection along with the crops, trees, minerals which are pre existing in the land. This does help to decide the value for the land. The business of buying, selling renting land, buildings or the house is also called real estate. The word is a legal word and it can be used in jurisdiction in all countries whose constitution has been at any point influenced, affected, or derived from the British law.

After there was a downfall in the prices of the rates in the terms of real estate Hyderabad is witnessing a recovery after the multi- national companies along with India Inc started showing up there and setting up their offices and shops. This helped the real estate developers, builders to carve out new projects lucrative enough to set the market going again. The reasons why Hyderabad real estate industry is at a rise are:

1) Political Stability

2) Improvement in Infrastructure

3) Demand for the Residential Property Will Increase

4) Property Rates Are Still Affordable

5) Experts Expect Heavy Returns

The approximate population of the Hyderabad city as per the government records last year is 7,749,334 individuals which increase day by day due to the boom in the IT sector and development of the IT Hub.

The city has approximately 20% of the upper class, 50% of its population as middle class and 30% as the working class (mostly daiy wage earners or workers in industrial areas).

As for the economics of the city approximately 75-77% males and 19-20% of females are employed in the city and 90% of this employed workforce is working in the service industry. Most of this is concentrated in the IT sector.

The real estate market has seen a gradual rise which is different in many areas. Areas like Konadapur, Gachibowli, Madhapur, Miyapur, Manikonda , these come in the western Hyderabad region and these have seen a drastic rise as they are very near the it hub like HiTech city.

Area namePrice estimate(/ sqft)Average price (₹/ sqft)Percentage difference
Gachibowli 2,63210,000 7,53915.4%
Kondapur 1,2279,7616,29241.6%
Manikonda 1,5987,7977,567-5.4%

** The value in red and negative sign shows decrease from the last year. This is the statistical data of few areas of western Hyderabad which has shown a great promise in rental returns due to the development of IT Hub and areas like HiTech city near them.

Areas in the North-Western side houses the upper class of the city and the statistics of the areas in the region is given below

Area namePrice estimate(/ sqft)Average price (₹/ sqft)Percentage difference
Banjara hills3,50015,52713,69275.6%
Jubilee hills 3,79412,31611,55610.5%
Somajiguda 3,8897,5207,25713%

** This is slightly costly because this is the post area of the city and also houses a few superstars of the south Indian film industry.

New projects have been launched in North-West areas of Hyderabad such as Gachibowli, Lingampally, Kondapur etc.

Gachibowli is undergoing development with projects in the price range of INR 4,000 per sq. ft. to INR 5,000 per sq. ft. The final amount depends upon the location, developer and specifications. The major demands in this region is due to its IT/ITeS employees which are coming from other states of the country and making Hyderabad their home and a home for their family.

The market has a presence of many independent local developers but this is now about to changeas a large number of well-known developers like Godrej, Tata, Mahindra Lifespace, Prestige, Aditya, Incor, Lodha, Pacifica etc. are coming up and providing a good community amenities in comprision to the independent units provided by the local developers and this shows potential in the future of real estate market in the city of Hyderabad.

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